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What does an average woman’s shoe closet look like?  Over the years we’ve found that it doesn’t matter if she owns 10 or 10,000 pairs; most women’s shoe closets are made up of 2 distinct categories:


The shoes you wear


And the shoes you don’t.


We’ve all been there. You saw them in a store or online and you just HAD to have them. Never mind that they’re half a size too small, pinch your toes and rub your heels, they’re so pretty you just KNOW you’ll wear them eventually.


And then there’s us.


White Mountain Shoes are, quite simply, made to be worn. Our carefully crafted collection is built to reside at the front of your closet; your go to favorites to wear again and again, season after season. 


Created with quality materials, understandable styling and the tried and trusted techniques that come with over 30 years experience in the shoe industry, our footwear brings a level of sophistication and quality to any ensemble.


Our shoes are refined, stylish and so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing them.


Every pair of White Mountain Shoes is a pleasure to own, and we’re proud to give millions of women across the country a reason to smile as they slip on their shoes. We hope you will join them!

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