Shipping to Canada

We're thrilled that you're interested in ordering our shoes! As you may know, many items (including our shoes and boots) purchased in the USA and shipped to Canada are liable for a variety of charges including:

  • Country Entry Preparation Fees
  • Bond fees
  • Collect On Delivery Fees
  • Duties Taxes

These charges are assessed by the customs department of your home country and are completely outside of our control. They are, unfortunately, the responsibility of the customer. But it's not all doom and gloom! We value your business and understand that everyone hates nasty surprises.

How much will it actually cost for me to get my order?

We ship to Canada via UPS and offer both ground and expedited shipping. Shipping fees will be calculated for you at checkout and are based on the actual cost to ship your order.

In ADDITION to what you pay at checkout on our website, all orders to Canada will be subjected to an additional flat rate fee which takes care of Country Entry Preparation Fees, Bond fees and Collect On Delivery Fees. The good news is that UPS offers excellent reduced rates for you, although they do depend on the total cost of your item(s):

Value of item(s) ordered (does not include shipping)

Under $200 $10.00 USD
$200 - $350 $48.40 USD
$350 - $500 $54.35 USD
$500 - $750 $61.75 USD
$750 - $1,000 $69.10 USD
$1000 - $1250 $76.50 USD
$1250 - $1600 $81.30 USD

Since our shoes are manufactured oversees, your order may also be subject to a duty taxes fee of 18% of the total cost of your item(s) (not including shipping), although this does not happen every time.

Finally, Duties Taxes will be assessed as a percentage of your order total (not including shipping) and is based on where you live:

Province General Sales Tax Provincial Sales Taxes Harmonized Sales Tax Total
Alberta 5% - - 5%
British Columbia 5% 7% - 12%
Manitoba 5% 8% - 13%
New Brunswick - - 13% 13%
Nova Scotia - - 15% 15%
Newfoundland - - 13% 13%
Northwest Territories 5% - - 5%
Nunavut 5% - - 5%
Ontario - - 13% 13%
Prince Edward Island - - 14% 14%
Quebec 5% 9.975% - 14.975%
Saskatchewan 5% - - 5%
Yukon 5% - - 5%

How Do I Pay These Fees?

We take payment for both the item and shipping fees on our website.

Both the flat rate fee and any applicable duties taxes are payable to your postal carrier, UPS, upon delivery of your package. UPS will then pay these fees to customs on your behalf.

I've already placed an order but decided I don't want to pay the fees. What can I do?

You may refuse the package and it will be returned to our warehouse. Please note that packages can take several weeks to be returned to us. You will be refunded for the order but please bear in mind that return shipping fees will be deducted from your refund. Initial shipping fees are also non-refundable.

I still have questions!

Feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to help! For specific questions relating to the above charges, we would recommend contacting your local post office or international customs service or click here for more information.