Social Responsibility & Code of Conduct Statement


WHITE MOUNTAIN FOOTWEAR GROUP (CONNORS, FONG, AND MANCUSO, INC.), was founded on and is strongly committed to act as a leader in the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility, including Ethical and Environmental Best Practices, Security Auditing, and both Domestic and International Social Compliance.


These principles are ingrained into our everyday business practices from product inception to final delivery to our customers. Adherence to ethical social practices, sustainability guidelines, chemical compliance, and all other applicable regulations are all key drivers as we continue to build the products that delight our customers.


White Mountain Footwear Group is continuously working on implementing policies which follow all the applicable laws and regulations. This includes but is not limited to Ethical and Environmental Practices, Security Auditing, and both Domestic and International Social Compliance.


These policies are in conjunction with our comprehensive business approach. When building our products White Mountain Footwear takes into consideration the ethical social practices, sustainability, chemical compliance all other applicable regulations to ensure that complying with all laws and providing our customers with a quality product.


Below is a brief explanation of the key regulations where White Mountain Footwear Group has taken an active and responsible role in the manufacturing of our products:


  • SOCIAL COMPLIANCE –Our suppliers in our supply chain are part of our Social Compliance programs (wages, working hours, health & safety regulations etc.). In that respect, all the factories manufacturing footwear for us and our customers are subject to audits on continuous basis by the Third-Party inspection companies. This ensures that the suppliers follow both country of origin laws and regulations, as well as all recognized international regulations. An integral part of our Social Compliance policies includes but are not limited to; anti-bribery policies, applicable child labor regulations, CA Transparency in Supply Chain Act Disclosure SB-657, and the UK Modern Slavery Statement. All non-compliant factories and/or suppliers are being promptly excluded from our supply chain.

  • CHEMICAL COMPLIANCE – Continuous efforts are being made to enforce all applicable regulations regarding chemical compliance. This includes complying with testing required under the California Prop 65 Act. White Mountain Group footwear styles are tested prior to, and during the production process to ensure that chemicals such as lead, phthalates, and other potentially harmful chemicals meet all legal requirements. All product is being tested by Third-Party laboratories which fully comply with both U.S. and international regulations.

  • SECURITY COMPLIANCE – White Mountain Footwear Group continuously supports U.S. government C-TPAT (Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism), as a part of our mandatory requirements. We actively work with our factories and suppliers to ensure the implementation of these programs. Annual audits for all suppliers are conducted by Third- Party audit companies.

  • SUSTAINABILITY – White Mountain Footwear Group is working with our retailers, suppliers on the implementation and exploration of environmentally friendly practices. This includes but is not limited to the use and exploration of environmental and recyclable materials, recycling and waste reduction, energy savings, emission reduction, and all other initiatives contributing to sustainable products. Our supply Chain is has partnered with us to improve our carbon footprint.

    White Mountain Footwear Group business practices, policies, and code of conduct are all directed towards safe, chemically and environmentally compliant product that is manufactured in a socially compliant business environment. Our goal is to continue to improve and offer our customers a superior product while offering them great value and overall experience.